Q: How do I know what size Putt-O-Meter I will need?
A: From the WGT site, while on a putting screen, measure from the end of the swing meter (left side) to the beginning of the swing meter (right side). The standard height of each Putt-O-Meter is 1".

Q: How does this differ from WGT's "Putter Pal"?
A: The Putt-O-Meter is much more precise. It shows, and identifies, every foot mark.  The Putter Pal only shows 4 hash marks identified by a percentage, which still leaves you guessing.

Q: How does this differ from Sportmeter Technologies' Puttometer?
A: The "Putt-O-Meter" is for use with golf played on the internet, via WGT. The "Puttometer" is for use with real golf. It is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed to help you improve putting. If you play golf, check it out, it is pretty cool.

Q: Is this a WGT Putting Cheat, or is this Cheating?
A: It depends, if you are playing a game with no tools rule, then yes. Otherwise it is simply a guide to help improve your putting.

Q: How did you arrive at the price of $1.99?
A: Based on the price of the Putter Pal, which costs $3.50 for 1000 putts, then you have to buy it again, we feel that we are offering a better product at a better price. Hey, it's cheaper than a sleeve of golf balls.....how many times have you bought "virtual golf balls," to improve your game? Why not buy the Putt-O-Meter and improve your putting?